INNATOX aims at successfully handling the modelling of environmental effects related to manufacture and use (exposure) of nanoparticles (NP) and assessing their risk.

The properties of nanomaterials make them interact with people and the environment in a particular way, which can cause adverse effects on human health and environment. The specific and full risk assessment is a difficult task not only because of limited availability of physico-chemical and toxicological information on NPs, but also because their unique behaviour and interactions with the environment invalidate the paradigms of traditional risk analysis. Modelling and predicting the fate of NPs (exposure) and their toxicity (nanotoxicity) requires the networking of experimental and bioinformatics research groups due to the large and growing number of manufactured NPs and also to the varied and multiple nano-bio interactions, which are highly non linear and require interdisciplinary knowledge and a huge amount of data to characterize them.